Exploring Los Angeles: Mini Getaway

Hey everyone! So i've just about recovered from my little city break to LA and I thought I'd share with you all the things I got up to in just 3 days!

Our first day was definitely the busiest, starting with breakfast at El Monte Airport before heading up to the Hollywood Hills for a Western riding trail. Sunset Ranch in Hollywood is a working ranch which offers trails all around Griffith Park with amazing views of LA and the Hollywood Sign! I was given a gorgeous ex racehorse called Windshine, while dad was given a very cute (and a little chubby) horse called Bambino!

The trail lasted around an hour and was so relaxing - Our tour guide Mikayla was amazing, pointing out all the Hollywood movie spots, as well as taking us to ride along the famous road where movies including Fast and Furious was filmed! Overall I think this was my favorite activity of the trip and I can't wait to do again! 

After riding we headed to the Griffith Observatory which had really interesting displays as well as amazing views of LA from the platforms! After spending a couple hours wandering around and grabbing a drink in the park, we set off for our next stop: Venice Beach!

Venice Beach seems like a staple place to visit when you think of Los Angeles, so Dad took me to see it for myself. While the beach was interesting and I got to see the famous 'Muscle Beach', I must admit I was rather underwhelmed. The beach is definitely more of a tourist spot which I think takes away from the experience - plus two coffees are $20! While I'm glad I checked it off the list, if your'e looking to spend days at the beach in LA I would recommend either renting a bike at Venice Beach, or visiting smaller beaches and coves such as Paradise Cove or Laguna Beach!

After A long day of driving around LA we grabbed a quick dinner at a local diner before heading back to our hotel on Redonda Beach. Writing this I still can't believe actually how we managed to fit all of this in one day!

After a jam-packed first day in LA, we decided to take it a bit easier the next day, so went to our favorite spot, 'The Hangout' at Seal Beach for Brunch! They do the best french toast and some crazy burgers!

Seal Beach is one of our favorite spots because not only is it beautiful and not that busy, but the town is so cute and full of amazing little independent boutiques and restaurants! So as we had a busy day before, we decided to spend most of our day relaxing here.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped by the Queen Mary Ship in Queensway Bay for our daily dose of culture before grabbing dinner by the Marina!

On the last day I just had a relaxing day of shopping and chilling by the pool (and binge watching the new season of '13 reasons why') while Dad rested before the flight. It was actually so nice to have an extra day to just relax as our LA trips are usually a day shorter. Overall I think this has been one of my favorite trips to California, mainly because we managed to do so many things that we've never done before!

If you're heading to LA, I hope I've managed to give you some ideas for 'less touristy' things to do in the city - It's definitely worth not just visiting the typical 'Hollywood tour' spots and looking for some slightly different things to do!

Love, Sophie x

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