Why I stopped Getting Acrylics

Hey everybody! Today I'm going to be discussing my love hate relationship with acrylic nails, and why I eventually decided to ditch them for good! 
I love having my nails done, and until about 3 months ago I used to get my nails done religiously every 2 weeks. I was always told that it would ruin my nails but me being me I didn't listen and went along to my nail appointments regardless. A lot of people may tell me the reason acrylics ruined my nails was because I went to a bad salon, but I didn't! I never chose a cheaper price over quality, leading me to spend quite a lot on my nails.

Not only was this habit bad for the health of my nails, but also my purse! In a month I would be spending roughly £70+ to keep up my nails (£36 for my infills and new design every two weeks plus extra costs if I broke a nail). While I loved getting my nails done and experimenting with different designs, looking back it is such an outrageous cost!

When I finally decided I needed to give my nails a rest I realised properly how damaged they had become. As they grew out you could see the part of the nail which had been under acrylics as it was darker and broke so easily. It had taken just under 3 months for them to stop breaking and become a lot stronger however they still haven't fully grown out!

While I did love my long stiletto nails, I have grown to really love my new natural nails and I am so glad that they are strong and healthy so don't break on me every minute! I also think having more understated nails is a lot more elegant therefore I prefer just having colour or gels now, however I might consider getting my nails done for the odd special occasion in the future! For those of you who can't give up your acrylics for good, I would suggest giving your nails a rest at least once every couple of months and always make sure you go to a reputable salon!

I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know your thoughts on acrylics vs natural nails! Also don't forget to subscribe and check out my social media links! xxx

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