Exploring London: My Hamilton Experience

After listening to this show on repeat for about 2 years, and after having snapped up gold dust like tickets a year and a half ago, last weekend I finally got to see the amazing show that is 'Hamilton'! For those of you that aren't really into musical theatre, Hamilton may have flown under the radar for you, but the 11 time Tony and 7 time Olivier award winner written by Lin-Manuel Miranda is nothing less than Genius. Its use of rap and hip-hop to detail the life of one of America's founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, is cleverly written and totally unique in comparison to other stage shows. If you haven't heard of the show I urge you to listen to the sound track on Spotify but I warn you, its highly addictive!

Before the show I was able to spend time with my family in London, grabbing some brunch and wondering around London (we bumped into the cavalry and we all know I'm obsessed with horses!) The weather was also stunning although sadly hasn't lasted!

When we got to the theatre it was buzzing, and the revamped Victoria Palace was beautiful inside and out. I've really got to give a shout out to my mum, who was so stressed trying to book these tickets that she clicked the first one she saw - the best in the house! We were so close to the stage that we literally locked eye contact with the actors! 

I don't really have words for how amazing the show was - everything from the costumes to the set was amazing but beyond all else the music was incredible. The band and singing was subtly different from the original Broadway Cast, showing each actors individual ownership of their roles. There were also moments of comic improvisation that elevate the show from just its soundtrack, for example the characterisation of King George was absolutely hilarious throughout!

While tickets for this show are hard to come by, if you ever get the chance to I urge you to go see it (and maybe bring me along to see it again)! I will forever be a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda's work and can honestly say that by far this is the most captivating and amazing show I have ever seen. 

I hope you enjoyed my little post / review and I hope its encouraged you to check out Hamilton and other works of Lin-Manuel Miranda. Please feel free to share this post and if you visit Hamilton let me know what you think of it!

Lots of Love,
Sophie x

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