The Ultimate Guide to Denim Jeans: Petite Edition

Having the perfect pair of jeans is a must have in any modern wardrobe, their versatility means they can be casual, elegant, classy, or whatever look you're going for! But what happens when you can't actually find the perfect pair of jeans?

Finding jeans that fit well and compliment my body has always been tricky for me, especially when I stand at only 5"0 tall! This combined with my fuller figure means that every pair of jeans I try is either too long, too baggy round my waist or too tight around my legs. While lots of stores offer petite ranges, I know that there are so many shorter girls who still struggle like me to find the perfect pair of jeans.

So I decided to save you the time and effort of trying every brand and style of jean and embark on a mission to create the ultimate petite guide to denim jeans! I will be trying a variety of brands all at different price points to find out which jeans are worth it, and which jeans aren't. I will be rating each pair out of five for 3 categories: price, fit and comfort and overall look!

The first pair I will be reviewing is a pair that I recently stumbled across and have been loving - the Jamie Jean! After years of sticking by Topshop's Joni Jean despite constantly needing to replace them due to fading and stretching, I decided I finally needed to switch it up. I think I ended up trying around 10 pairs of jeans in different styles and sizes before finally coming across my new favourite pair - the petite Jamie Jean! These jeans are not only so comfortable, but unlike the Joni jean the quality feels so much better due to the thicker material, belt loops and pockets. I bought this pair in the colour 'rich indigo' about a month ago and loved them so much that I recently got them in the black as well. I love that they graze the ankle due to the shorter leg as well as being snug without being too tight (there is not gap between the material and my lower back so these basically just win at life)

Price - 4/5 At only £40 (£36 with student discount from UNIdays) these are definitely one of the more affordable pairs
Fit and Comfort - 4/5 again these fit me like a glove and for such a reasonable price point I really can't complain about these jeans
Overall Look - 5/5 These have become my go to pair of jeans and I think I will be repurchasing a couple of pairs!

Black Petite Jamie Jeans

For my middle price point I thought I would check out Levis as I've never tried them and thought now would be a good time. Again once I got to the store I asked the sales assistant if there were any styles suited to shorter frames. She showed me a couple pairs which were all too long but she said that Levis offer free tailoring, which I thought was a really good service, especially for the price. I didn't actually end up trying any jeans as it was a smaller store with very limited sizes and the lady suggested I try the flagship store which has leg lengths starting at 26 inches. Therefore I cannot comment on the fit and comfort etc but I will say that for the price (around £80), the service and selection in the larger stores is great and the fact they offer free tailoring really means that any of the jeans could work for petite girls!

As Levis was a bust I wanted to find one more brand at a similar price point, so I decided to check out Guess as I've seen a lot of people wearing their jeans. Again I was met with a lack of sizing options and I only found one pair in my size which were skinny and high waisted. Overall this was my least favourite pair of jeans, again they were too long but aside from that they were the least comfortable and very restrictive. Guess also didn't offer any petite options and I wasn't offered any help to find a shorter option.

Price - 2.5/5 At £65 these aren't too expensive but they also aren't cheap, and considering I didn't find a nice style or fit I didn't think these were 'worth it'.
Fit and Comfort - 2/5 Again these were the least comfortable and just too long
Overall Look - 3/5 While the jeans didn't look awful around my bum and thighs, the cut in the knee was too low and the long legs just didn't work for me

I am unapologetically a Kardashian fan and have wanted to try out Khloe's Good American range for the longest time, so when I started this guide I knew I had to get myself to Selfridges and try some out!

After finding the section in the store I was immediately helped by a sales assistant who pointed me towards 'Good Leg' as opposed to other styles such as 'Good Waist', as these are meant to be shorter. She gave me about 5 pairs of jeans to try and I headed to the fitting rooms.

As I tried the first pair I was immediately hit by my most common problem - Baggy ankles!!! While these did fit really nicely everywhere else the leg was painfully long and looked awful. The lady did say that I could get them tailored and while I agreed that for many shorter girls that may be the only option, when I pay £175 for jeans I then don't want to have to pay even more to make them fit!

With the first pair being a bust I moved onto the second a little less hopeful.

Pair 2: Good Leg Frayed Hem Skinny Cropped High Rise Jeans
(I did try the Good Leg version of these but I only found the Good Waist link on Selfridges)

Again with this pair it wasn't great, the stirrup bottom on the jeans probably would have looked great if I was 5"10 but unfortunately I was not blessed with that height. The fit on my bum and thighs was still amazing (Khloe you got that down!) but the legs were just miles too long. With that I ruled out a couple similar pairs and tried on one last pair.

Pair 3: Good Legs Slim Fit Skinny Jeans

Okay these were my far my favourite and my winner of the day! Despite having to roll these 3 times (and I don't mind the look of that) these just looked AMAZING! I felt so good in these and they seemed to just fit me perfectly! In the future I would definitely consider buying these as a treat but again at the price these would be an investment and not something I would buy on a whim.

Price - 2.5/5 At £175+ these jeans are on the pricy side and in terms of what jeans are available for shorter girls, it is limited - however if you want quality and find a pair that suits you (even if you have to roll or tailor them) then these might be for you!
Fit and Comfort - 5/5 This was by far the softest and most comfortable denim I tried in this process - I could move like I was in sweatpants! I had no gap in the waist but I also didn't feel like I couldn't breathe - win win!
Overall Look - 4/5 Not going to lie, I felt like my bum/thighs/waist looked the best in these! It was just the length and baggy ankles that dropped these to a 4/5.

After creating this guide I think my overall winner has to go to Topshop's Jamie Jean, purely because not only do they tailor to us petite ladies, but they also really focused on maintaining quality, style and comfort at an affordable price! While I did find jeans I loved, this process made me realise how tricky it is for petite people to find well-fitted jeans - therefore I have partnered up with Petite Ave, a website offering a huge range of clothes for women 5"5 and under! Go check them out at and follow them on Instagram @petite.ave !

I hope this guide has helped you and if it has be sure to share it and help other shorter girls like us! If you tried out any of these jeans or you want to see anymore petite fashion advice then feel free to contact me on my social media and don't forget to subscribe! x

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