Our First Valentines

Walking into a candle lit room with pink balloons, roses and treats scattered around was certainly a romantic start to my day! Valentine’s Day is when you really appreciate the little things about someone, like the fact that joe remembered the comforter from lush is my go to bath treat and that green apple Haribo bears are my favourite just like Kim Kardashians (I literally said that months ago)! It’s these things that remind you how much you share with a person and how lucky you are to have them!

As we are both uni students, we don’t really go on many ‘dates’, so we made sure that that Valentine’s Day would be our ultimate ‘date day’. We decided to ditch the gifts (although we did both inevitably get each other a few goodies) and instead we each planned half of the day. Joe planned our afternoon which was lunch at the Ting restaurant in the Shangri La Hotel, located on the 36th floor of The Shard in London! 

While it was a tad foggy, the view from our window table was amazing, as was the food! We both had the most delicious duck followed by moorish chocolate deserts and then afternoon tea. I definitely felt spoilt and had the most lovely time! I would highly recommend anyone to go and visit for a special occasion (plus the bathrooms looking out over London were pretty unique!) The food alongside the luxurious and calm atmosphere made for the perfect lunch out!

Our next stop after lunch was a quick round of window shopping in Canary Wharf before heading to the everyman cinema for my half of the day. On our way there we happened to find ourselves lost in the rooftop gardens of Crossrail Place which certainly isn’t a bad place to be lost and made for a nice stroll (despite the rain!). 

When we did eventually find the cinema, we were met by a small and very ‘hipster’ feeling movie theatre with vintage vibes and a luxury twist. I found out about it a couple months ago and booked tickets immediately! We sat down to watch the new 50 shades movie (cliche of course) in a large plush sofa with pizza, popcorn and espresso martinis served to our side tables right before the movie (what more could a girl want?!).

Overall we had a lovely day! Like I said it's not often we get to go out on fancy dates so today was a really special treat for the both of us and I was so lucky to get to spend it with my favourite person! I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day too celebrating with the people who are significant in your lives and treating yourselves to plenty of chocolate!!

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