Norway Day Trip

What do you do when rainy British weather and uni deadlines get you down? Go on a day trip to Norway of course! Or at least thats what my friends and I decided was a great idea! After trolling the internet for cheap flights (thanks Dior!) within a few days of the idea we had all booked to travel to Oslo for a days adventure!

While travelling abroad in a day is doable, it is a tad tiring! We were up and waiting in the freezing cold for our coach to Stansted airport at 3am to make our 6:30am flight. This in itself was the biggest challenge of the day, especially when I laid awake all night while joe managed to sleep like an angel (I wasn't mad at all...). Despite a slightly grumpy start to the day on my part (I'm not in the best mood when I'm tired and hungry) we made it, and after just a moments rest on the plane we were landing in Oslo!

Our first activity of the day was ice skating, which I was happy to observe from the sidelines sipping my £6 hot chocolate while Joe took photos of the others clinging to the rails and falling over (mainly Vivek!). While it was indeed chilly in Oslo, at about -8 degrees, it was absolutely beautiful. The city itself is clean and so surprisingly calm, a peaceful and well needed retreat from the busy streets of London!

Whilst in Oslo we also managed to visit the National Gallery which is home to famous artworks including works by Picasso and most notably 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch. The gallery was a calm and most importantly warm escape from the chilly streets.

Our final (and my favourite) activity before heading home to London was visiting the Opera house which overlooks the harbour. We were able to climb the building due to its sloped design, however with it being February this was a challenge due to the layer of sheet ice! Once at the top though it was worth it! I didn't capture a photo but just as we got to the main viewing point the sunset sky was a beautiful pink!

Overall I had an amazing day in Norway and I'm so glad I got to experience it with my best friends. Oslo is an amazing city and I would highly recommend anyone to go for a visit if they get the chance! But for now its back to reality and keeping up with deadlines!

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