My City: Exploring Cambridge

While I love living amongst the hustle and bustle of London, I am always so happy to come home to Cambridge. Not only is it such a beautiful city with amazing architecture and gorgeous scenery, but it is such a relaxing place to be. Having a day out for lunch and shopping in Cambridge is nowhere near as stressful as in London, and with all the little streets and boutiques, its easy to just wonder around for hours. I had time off Uni to study this past week, so it seemed obvious to spend time with my family and escape London for a while too!

My family actually live about half an hour from the city centre in a small countryside village. While I have never myself lived in the countryside (in fact I probably would have hated growing up there), I now wouldn't want them to live anywhere else! Its so fresh and peaceful and the perfect place for me to relax while also being close enough to the centre of Cambridge. When I visit home I tend to spend my time between my parents house, my sisters house and the yard, so I'm always busy catching up with family of hanging out with horses!

While I was home my mum and I decided to have a day to ourselves to catch up in the city so we did what we do best - shopping! We started with a quick lunch at Prezzo before heading to John Lewis, quite possibly our favourite place! We spent our time furniture shopping for the new house and picked up some clothes in the main shopping centre, The Grand Arcade. We also has a nice walk by the River Cam before heading to our favorite cafe, Valerie Patisserie, for coffee and the most amazing cake (I didn't save a photo but I highly recommend!). I just can't wait for it to get a bit warmer now so I can explore the colleges more and go punting on the River!

I'll always love coming home to Cambridge, I used to live near Brighton and while its also a great place to visit, its worlds away from Cambridge. As I've never lived in Cambridge I also like that I don't know too many people, and while that may sound odd I just love that I can spend more time with family and not be rushing around to meet up with people. It really is just a nice break from everything! Its days out like this that make me realise that moving to Cambridge was the best thing for us and came at the perfect time! Since being settled in I am looking forward to making more memories in my new city and will continue to look forward to coming home to it!

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