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I've lived in London for nearly 6 months now, and it only dawned on me recently that in that time I haven't done any of the things I wanted to do before moving here. Whilst I live in one of the most vibrant and cultured cities in the world, I don't seem to make any time to explore it, so I decided to make a 'London Bucket List'.

One of the main reasons I think I don't make time to explore London is that I automatically assume a day out will be expensive, especially in London, and as a student day trips out are not something I immediately budget for (food on the other hand certainly is!). However after looking into some of the most popular tourist attractions, I soon realised that so many of them were free!

So after making our bucket list a couple weeks ago, Joe and I decided that this weekend we would tick something off, so we picked the first one on the list - The Saatchi Gallery. I have been wanting to visit this Gallery since I first heard about it on Instagram nearly 3 years ago! My parents have always been fans of contemporary artists such as David Hockney and Roy Litchtenstein which has influenced my particular taste in art and was why I was especially excited to visit.

The gallery itself was a large and open white space and each room was home to similar artwork. The vibrant colours and thought provoking concepts are clearly what makes this gallery so famous. I also wanted to live in the gift shop - I'm surprised I managed to walk out without a book or a journal or something!

Visiting the gallery was a lot of fun and I'm so glad I finally got round to going! Definitely go and visit for a couple of hours if you're in London and get the chance. After we left the gallery we had a wonder through Chelsea before heading home, and of course with it being London Fashion Week I had to get a typical blogger photo on a strangers porch!

I'm thinking of starting an 'Explore London' tab of amazing places to visit here, so if you have any recommendations or places you want to see me visit just let me know by contacting me via my social media or email!

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