Best or Worst Designer Purchase? - Christian Louboutin Pigalles

Getting a pair of shiny red soles to add to my collection was an absolute must, so when it came down to it after saving up, I was sure to do my research! This started by trying to figure out what size I was, which was harder than it sounds due to my UK size 1 feet! I managed to hunt down one single pair of Louboutins in a size 34 in Barneys New York at Copley Place, Boston, and they fit! However they were black, so not the style I wanted...

Once I'd found my size, the next step was finding the pair I actually liked. This entailed countlessly ringing boutique stores, Harrods and Selfridges to try and source patent nude Pigalle 100s in my size. After about a week of searching I got a call from the Mount Street Boutique in London with the news that they had found some! I went in the very next day and had the true Louboutin experience - the sales associates were lovely as always, and the intimate setting of a smaller boutique as opposed to a department store made the experience all the more enjoyable! Walking out of the store with my carefully wrapped new heels felt amazing, and I couldn't wait to try them!

After a week or two of admiring my new Loubs on the shelf, I finally had an occasion to wear them out and scuff the paint for the first time! I was heading to dinner at a place called the Blanchette in Soho (highly recommend) and decided to take them for a test run - and oh how I regretted that...
While Louboutin is one of the most famous brands of luxury shoes, they certainly aren't famous for their comfort. I only walked a short way from dinner to a bar for drinks and already my feet were killing! I had to take shorter and faster steps just to manage the pain and when I got home I had not one, but four blisters! I'd never related to the phrase 'beauty is pain' so much in my life!

After having these shoes for 5 months I have only ever worn them that one time, and for nearly £500 it does pose the question - were they really worth it? I think yes and no, and heres why. While these shoes are literally a 'killer' pair of heels, The level of craftsmanship and overall quality of the shoe is beautiful and if like me you collect designer items, it is definitely a shoe to tick off the list. The price of this shoe has already gone up since I bought them from £470 to £495 on the official Christian Louboutin website so is also an investment piece which will hold value if looked after. I also believe that if you are going out where you won't be walking much (e.g. getting out of a taxi, walking 10 feet to a restaurant and sitting down) then these are perfect! However I do wish I could wear these more and therefore out of all of my designer shoe purchases, this was my least successful.

In terms of what I would do if I bought another pair of Loubs, I would look into the Pigalle Follies, as I have heard they are a more comfortable shoe, as well as perhaps considering the 85mm shoe as a more practical everyday option. I would also highly recommend taking your shoes to Minuit Moins 7 to get the sole protected and if needed, get the shoe stretched. This is the only cobbler associated with Louboutin directly and the only place I would trust with my shoes!

I am going to try once more to wear these on valentines day armed with blister patches, however, when it comes to walking anywhere, i'll always be sure to keep my trusty espadrilles in my bag!

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