Exploring Prague: Anniversary Trip

Back after a bit of an unplanned break from blogging to share some holiday highlights from my recent trip to Prague with Joe! We managed to book a little 3 day city break around our uni schedules to celebrate our 1 year and honestly we couldn't have picked a better place to visit. The city was absolutely beautiful and felt like something straight out of a fairy tale during this time of year. We spent the few days we were there visiting the Castle, Old Town, Charles Bridge and wandering around the cobbled streets, as well as finding some amazing places to eat! We had the most amazing time together and I would highly recommend anyone to visit this beautiful city if you've got a few days spare for a quick trip!

Heres just a few photos from our quick little get away to give you a glimpse of this enchanting city!

Enjoy! x

My Skincare Routine: Face and Body

This summer I've made it a priority to make time to focus on my health, both mentally and physically, and just try to take better care of myself. While I have made lots of changes which I could do a whole post about in the future, one change that I'm going to talk about is sticking to a proper skincare routine. Not only has taking the time to look after my skin helped it glow, but its also allowed myself the time to just spend 10 minutes a day taking care of myself. In this post I am going to share with you my routine, favourite products, and how they've made me feel more confident!

Lets start with my morning face routine:

I start the day by rinsing my face with cold water (no cleanser), pat drying my skin with a towel, and applying my morning moisturiser. I've just started using Soap and Glory's 'Speed Plump all-day super moisture marvel' (£13), and what I love about it is that it instantly hydrates your skin and sinks in so quickly - I hate moisturisers that just sit on top of your skin! This moisturiser also has the most amazing watermelon scent!
As well as moisturising my face I make sure to hydrate my lips too using Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula lip balm (£1.99) - I literally bought these in bulk off amazon so I always have one near me!
After this I will either leave it at that or put on makeup if I feel like it that day - I've also been loving foundation free makeup days recently for a super healthy natural look!

Now lets look at my night face routine:

Using the Garnier Skinactive Micellar Cleansing Water (£4.99) and a couple cotton pads I remove any makeup before I shower. I love this makeup remover as its very gentle and doesn't dry out the skin (it also lasts forever). 
Once I'm ready for bed I will then reapply my Palmers lip balm, and use both the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum (£55), as well as the Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream (£43). I'm in love with the Estee Lauder Advanced Night collection as it sinks quickly into the skin and leaves your skin feeling hydrated in the morning. I especially love the eye cream as it had a cooling feeling on tired eyes. 

Thats about it for my daily routine, I occasionally use a face cleanser but have actually found that recently my skin has been better when I don't use one. I also like to use moisturising face masks when I feel like my skin needs one - the Soap and Glory Radiance-Boosting Mask (£4) is perfect for tired feeling skin!

Now lets look at the rest of my skincare routine!

For my general body moisturiser I have been loving Soap and Glory's Spritz me Quick moisturising mist (£7). Again not only does this sink quickly into the skin, but it smells amazing and leaves a nourished feel. 

In both the mornings and evenings I also like to use a combination of Bio-Oil (£8.99) and Palmers Massage Cream (£7.35) on any scars, stretch marks on uneven skin tones. I also use Nivea's Firming Cream (£10.89) on my legs before bed to prevent and manage any cellulite.

While this next one isn't strictly skin care, I am loving it at the moment! For tan I've been using the Isle of Paradise self-tanning water (£19.95) and I can hands down say its the best tan I've ever used. I'm quite fair skinned, and the shade medium gives me an amazing even and deep tan, without making me look orange or green! The tanning water uses colour correcting qualities to create a healthy looking natural shade for you - and I'm so here for it. 

As well as sticking to my skin routine, I've made an effort to increase my sleep and drink more water which I think has vastly improved my skin, as well as my mood and energy levels!

I hope you've enjoyed this post and that you've found it useful! I've loved trying new products and finding a routine that suits me and I hope you do too!

Love, Sophie x

Exploring Costa Brava: Summer Getaway

Time for a little travel diary update! Last week I got to spend time in the beautiful Costa Brava with my Pud, Joe. We stayed in Lloret De Mar and explored the amazing coastal walks, spent time between the beach and the pool, and got some insane cocktails at the beach bars. Here are just a few of the photos from our trip to give you a taste of what Costa Brava is like. We had such a relaxing time and would highly recommend it as a peaceful retreat!

Enjoy x

Exploring Los Angeles: Mini Getaway

Hey everyone! So i've just about recovered from my little city break to LA and I thought I'd share with you all the things I got up to in just 3 days!

Our first day was definitely the busiest, starting with breakfast at El Monte Airport before heading up to the Hollywood Hills for a Western riding trail. Sunset Ranch in Hollywood is a working ranch which offers trails all around Griffith Park with amazing views of LA and the Hollywood Sign! I was given a gorgeous ex racehorse called Windshine, while dad was given a very cute (and a little chubby) horse called Bambino!

The trail lasted around an hour and was so relaxing - Our tour guide Mikayla was amazing, pointing out all the Hollywood movie spots, as well as taking us to ride along the famous road where movies including Fast and Furious was filmed! Overall I think this was my favorite activity of the trip and I can't wait to do again! 

After riding we headed to the Griffith Observatory which had really interesting displays as well as amazing views of LA from the platforms! After spending a couple hours wandering around and grabbing a drink in the park, we set off for our next stop: Venice Beach!

Venice Beach seems like a staple place to visit when you think of Los Angeles, so Dad took me to see it for myself. While the beach was interesting and I got to see the famous 'Muscle Beach', I must admit I was rather underwhelmed. The beach is definitely more of a tourist spot which I think takes away from the experience - plus two coffees are $20! While I'm glad I checked it off the list, if your'e looking to spend days at the beach in LA I would recommend either renting a bike at Venice Beach, or visiting smaller beaches and coves such as Paradise Cove or Laguna Beach!

After A long day of driving around LA we grabbed a quick dinner at a local diner before heading back to our hotel on Redonda Beach. Writing this I still can't believe actually how we managed to fit all of this in one day!

After a jam-packed first day in LA, we decided to take it a bit easier the next day, so went to our favorite spot, 'The Hangout' at Seal Beach for Brunch! They do the best french toast and some crazy burgers!

Seal Beach is one of our favorite spots because not only is it beautiful and not that busy, but the town is so cute and full of amazing little independent boutiques and restaurants! So as we had a busy day before, we decided to spend most of our day relaxing here.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped by the Queen Mary Ship in Queensway Bay for our daily dose of culture before grabbing dinner by the Marina!

On the last day I just had a relaxing day of shopping and chilling by the pool (and binge watching the new season of '13 reasons why') while Dad rested before the flight. It was actually so nice to have an extra day to just relax as our LA trips are usually a day shorter. Overall I think this has been one of my favorite trips to California, mainly because we managed to do so many things that we've never done before!

If you're heading to LA, I hope I've managed to give you some ideas for 'less touristy' things to do in the city - It's definitely worth not just visiting the typical 'Hollywood tour' spots and looking for some slightly different things to do!

Love, Sophie x

Brazilian Keratin Straightening: Treatment and Aftercare

Hello Lovelies! This week I want to talk about one of my all time favorite hair treatments: Keratin Straightening! This treatment is often referred to "Brazilian Straightening' and is essentially a treatment intended to reduce frizz and loosen curls using keratin, an ingredient found naturally in our hair. The treatment is very straightforward: keratin formula is applied to the hair and left for 30 minutes, before being washed off, dried straight and locked in using hair straighteners. I naturally have quite straight hair, however I am constantly fighting off curly baby hairs, so this treatment is perfect for me! The treatment also however works on thicker, curly hair, helping to make it more manageable, and reduces drying time (perfect for long hair!).

I first tried Keratin Straightening in January, and my results lasted around 3-4 months. To prolong the treatments effectivity I invested in a couple products to ensure I get my moneys worth, as well as making sure not to tie my hair up or tuck hair behind my ears in the first 24 hours. 

My haircare routine for my treated hair involves a sulphate free shampoo (John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery), followed by a leave in conditioner (Palmer's Coconut fFormula) to help maintain the keratin in the hair. I also love John Frieda's Secret Agent Touch Up Formula to maintain moisture and keep any stray hairs in line. 

I recently had my hair treated and cut again at Alterity Studio in London (highly recommend!), in preparation for my summer holidays to make it more manageable. For beach holidays, they advised using the leave in conditioner as a way to protect hair from pool chemicals or salt water so as not to strip the hair of the treatment. 

In just a few months my hair has not only become more sleek and manageable, but so much healthier! I hope you've found this post useful and I hope its answered any questions if you're considering getting the treatment yourself! If you are interested I also highly recommend Alterity Studio for an amazing, all organic treatment!

Love, Sophie x

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Exploring London: Cheese and Wine Time

So while I’ve been in the midst of exams I’ve not really had the time to do anything note worthy (unless you really want to read about long days of studying / binge watching RuPauls Drag Race)! But last week I was lucky enough to escape uni for a night of drinking wine and eating cheese - what more could you want! 

I was invited to the International Cheese Awards press night at the most gorgeous venue, Lumiere London, to learn more about the awards event being held later in this year in Nantwich (July 24th and 25th if you’re interested!). Alongside getting to meet the owners of some amazing family owned businesses, we had a great time trying all of the amazing cheeses, and their respective wine pairings of course! Attending this event and learning about the passion these businesses have was truly amazing, and you could see this come out in their products!  

This event also allowed me to meet up with my fellow blogger friend Fiona for the first time which was lovely! She has her own lifestyle blog which I’ll link down below so be sure to check it out! 

Overall we had a lovely evening and a much needed escape for me! I also went home with the heaviest bag full of cheeses and chutneys so I will definitely not be short of any for a while! 

A huge thank you to International Cheese Awards for hosting such a lovely event and making sure that I was well stocked up with cheese for the next couple of months! I hope you enjoyed reading and do be sure to check out the event this July, if it’s anything like the press launch was it will be lovely!

Lots of love,


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